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MIVV compleet systeem met Speed Edge black demper Yamaha T-MAX 530 '17-


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-Black Steel RVS demper
-compleet RVS systeem
-gemaakt van alleen de beste materialen
-nieuwe technieken en materialen voor maximale geluidsdemping en minder hitteafgifte
-TIG gelast
-perfecte afwerking
-bushed montagepunten
-uitneembare DB-killer
-E goedgekeurd (met gemonteerde DB-killer)
Verwachte levertijd 21 werkdagen
€ 810,70

Speed Edge black demper

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The power of the latest generation motorbikes and the more and more demanding road circulation regulations are forcing aftermarket exhaust system manufacturers to find solutions integrating stringent technical requirements and design. MIVV responds to all this by taking an innovative path with the Speed Edge project: a new silencer that exploits an important volumetry, capable of also housing the catalyst, whilst remaining creative, and without suffering the classic "large tube" effect. What makes this new “top of the range" exhaust really special, is its capability to help reach an agreement between compliance with rules and speed. During the course of the SpeedEdge project, MIVV has considered both the extreme power of the most recent maxi-sport models, which impose the use of very large diameter manifolds, and the city use of the vehicle. SpeedEdge limits its space requirement thanks to a “squashed" design on the inside, which means it can get as close as possible to the frame of the motorbike. In terms of materials used, MIVV has decided on a stainless steel covered version and, later, a carbon alternative (both with internal stainless steel construction). The distinguishing elements are the cup and the anchoring band made of precious carbon. The connections are bushed connections, the welds are all TIG welds, the finishes are extremely high quality.

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